Animal Right and Veganism.

To a growing number of a activists the idea that animals have some basic rights of their own is not for fetched.
Indeed, the ideas roots that animals should not u necessarily be made to suffer as long tradition in human history.
But the idea that animals have actual rights, rights that might conflict with the interests of people, is something fairly new and controversial.
Opponents of animals rights don’t advocate animals abuse, thy don’t believe that animals should be tortured. Rather, thy fear what it might mean to humans if other species have positive legal rights and legal benefits for instance some worry that medical advancements might Come to a screeching halt without animals experimentation, that hunting would be banned and vegetarianism mandated in a world with animal rights.
Others fear that recognition of non human rights would undermine the worth society places on people lives.

November 1st is world vegan day., a celebration of people who don’t eat meat, eggs, cheese, mayonnaise, honey, whey, gelatin or anything that comes from or includes an animals.
Nor do thy use any clothing, necessary or object made from animals.
No leathers, no wool, no pearls, no ivory.
Animal free holiday began in 1994 to commemorate to the 50th anniversary of the vegan society.
Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarianism and though the term was coined in 1994, the concept of the flesh avoidance can be traced back to ancient Indian and eastern mediterranean societies.
In Uganda Mr. Mike endured to spread the gospel of the animal rights and Veganism accepts through demonstration.