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Back ground

Uganda being a heterogeneous state with a multi-cultural background deeply rooted in the tradition of the tribal ethnicity, a lot of historical injustices still bind the marginalized groups of people, children and women inclusive among the most neglected aspects of life that suffocate women and children peaceful existence are education,entrepreneurship,justice,leadership and gender inequality at the job market.

In abide to address the inequalities, the current Ugandan constitution 1995 tried to address the legal flame work like Article 34 provides for the rights of children and the key clauses are (2) (3) and (4). Article 33 mostly 33(1) provides for equal treatment of men and women however it is merely written but little energy has been planted in the implementation and it is on this back ground that this charity based organization was set up to build a sense of enterprise in women, sensitize them of their rights and their children, seek and fight for their justice in both social and legal aspects in terms of work and job market.

This can best be done by setting up structures like community schools, conducting women innovation and entrepreneurial conferences and workshops, going in communities to sensitize people about women and children rights, purchasing land to start up economic projects especially hands on project and also obtaining a legal team to draft better laws and challenge discriminative laws against women and children. It’s upon this that we invite all forms of support to champion this campaign in a bid to make permanent land mark in the lives of the innocent Ugandans in order to make the world a better place to live on.

Free born children mission ministries its Christian/community based organization, well registered on sub county level operating in two sub counties.

We work with the community rooted from remotely area where live is miserable.

Vision Statement:
To empower women and children in spiritual, social and entrepreneurial spheres of life to afford equality and decent living.

To promote a free society for children and women by embarking on practical solutions to their generational challenges through building aspects of enterprise, self-reliance and realization.

We are located in Uganda, Kasanda District.

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Tel:256751061286 ,256778961792.